Links to stuff i find cool.

Nectarine Demoscene Radio

I like to listen to Nectarine while slogging through coding lessons or just in general, really. Really nice for those moments where your brain stops working for a few minutes and all you can do in the meantime is stare at a wall.

Penny Arcade

One of the few actually funny gaming webcomics. Even their older strips still hold up well. Here's one of my favorites.


A great news source pertaining to the act of playing the video games on the Gahnoo slash Linucks operating system. Seriously though, everything there is well-researched, well-written, and it easily puts all of those garbage mainstream rageclick-fueled gaming news sites to shame.


A website i like to browse a lot, don't know why. Guess i'm just fascinated by the sheer amount of Linux distros out there.


Vida de Suporte

Another webcomic i like a lot. If you are or were the computer guy in your household, then you're probably gonna relate to a lot of moments in this comic. Brazilian Portuguese only, gringos beware!


Gamepad Tester

Does exactly what it says on the tin and does it well.


The image hosting service i use to get around the teeny-tiny 1GB storage free Neocities accounts have to deal with. It's both free as in beer and of nonsense.


A video-sharing platform that perfectly captures the spirit of the good old days of Youtube. Heck, it even goes as far as to only allow potato quality videos.

Super Adventures in Gaming


The Obscuritory

Cool blogs that talk about all sorts of new, old, mostly obscure videogame stuff.

Cool Neocities neighbours.


My first follower! I really like the look of their website, specially the cool 3d text. Really, adding some cool 3d text will massively improve anything.

Why else do you think Crash Bash came out so good?

itz rex

Websites that mimic operating systems, be it desktop or command-line based, will always be cool. Bonus points for having cute dog pics.



bbdare's web home

A cool-looking website focusing on tech, videogames, and programming. Their first post involves WINE and obselete PC benchmarks, a combination as iconic as bread and butter. Check it out, it's an interesting read.


Watermelons are edible water. Tasty.


Get yourself one of those cool virtual pet thingies for your website. GifyPets is a creation of that cool Melon fella above.


A really nice and cute looking website with all kinds of neat oldweb aesthetic stuff. Also, their artwork is pretty cool.



100% pure 2000s Newgrounds-era edge, which is an aesthetic i really dig. Reminds me of all the time i spent watching questionable video-game parodies and reading VG Cats. Check out their artwork, it's really cool.

Snake's Warez

A nicely organized web-directory with lots of useful links to useful stuff like Roms, streaming sites, software and the like. Landlubbers beware!


Who is this handsome fellow? I want to find out but it just keeps redirecting to my own website, how odd.

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