The size of my inbox

One of my sisters created a Google account for me back in 2008, granting me access to all Google services including Gmail. It's an account i've been using for years now to sign up to all kinds of websites. The first Email i've ever received besides the Gmail welcome email, was a friend request from my sister on Orkut. Remember that shit? I reckon most of you don't since i assume i don't have many Brazilian readers.

To keep it simple, it was Brazil's top social media website at the time. Facebook and the birdsite from hell did exist back then, but they weren't as popular around here.

Orkut notifications make up most of early Emails, emails i still haven't deleted. I would keep up this trend of not deleting emails for quite a while. Throught the years i kept using this very same E-mail address, signing up for different forums, free Steam key giveaways, Habbo and Club Penguin private servers, etc etc. All while not deleting a single one of the E-mails i received.

I mean, i did delete some spam... ok, a lot of spam. Seriously, shit got so bad i actually set up a filter to automatically trash any spam mail i received just so i didn't have to see a single number beside the Spam category on my inbox. But all the other gunk, i kept. And as a result, i have accumulated over 150,000 E-mails, all the way from 2008 to 2021. I checked my Google One stats just to see how big my Gmail inbox had gotten, and to my suprise, it was only a little over 5gb.

I looked up online the weight of a standard postcard, and according to Japan Post, it's 2 to 6 grams. Now, let's say my digital inbox somehow materialized in real life along with every single one of my 150,053 e-mails, all in the form of a standard 6g postcard. How much would that weigh? Well, by using my shoddy math skills and an online mass to weight calculator, i have determined that my Gmail inbox would weigh 900,318kg in real life, which is roughly the same weight as 180,063 5kg bags of rice. That's a lot of rice.

What are you supposed to do with this information, you ask? Fuck if i know. See ya.

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