just who is this cunt?

Some dude on the internet with an interest in computers and the things you can do with them. He also reminisces way too much about the good old days.

pronouns: he/him
likes: vidya, computers, waifus, janky 2000s aesthetics, Linux, funny-looking animals, Game Boy Color chiptunes
dislikes: caruru, vatapa, diacritical marks, vi, emacs, Twitter, GNOME 3, FreeBSD as a desktop OS, compiling webkit-gtk

contact info.

you can have my AOL email: Omelettetuner@aol.com
the width of my dreams... it's my Dreamwidth account: omelettetuner
send me unwanted group invites on Steam: Omelettetuner


pc build: Core 2 Duo E7200, 2gb ram, Geforce 210, Obarun Linux
phone: Alcatel Pixi 4.6 3G
game consoles and handhelds: softmodded Phat PS2, DS Lite

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